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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jaymee Ong Biography and Career Profile

Jaymee Ong


Country: China

Background: Chinese- Australian model

Weight: 48kg

Height: 1.68m-tall

Age: 26 yrs

Jaymee Ong's Achievements:

"YOU simply can't ignore Chinese-Australian model Jaymee Ong.", said a Singapore based Magazine.

  1. This year she appeared for various Television ads for Silky Girl,7-Eleven, Marigold and Fancl.
  2. Apeared on cover of various magazines such as Her World.
  3. Also hosted the AXN's entertainment magazine programme eBuzz.
  4. She has also acted for local dramedy Tiramisu(Singapore based).
  5. Nominated for award (Babe Of The Year) by a top asian magazine.

For last few years, she has been trying to get into Hollywood, by playing small apearances in Pearl Harbor and guest appearances in various TV series on Top channels such as AXN's Las Vegas and Entourage.
But finally she got a chance to host Ebuzz on AXN which is promising to change her carreer.

Regarding this all fame she replied to a top News paper ,
'It's so funny! It's nice and flattering, but it also makes me feel awkward, weird and embarrassed.'

She made her debut in the 1999 Hong Kong action flick Gen-X Cops, playing Daniel Wu's girlfriend - insisted she was no babe during her teen years.

Then, she wore big glasses and her complexion was so bad she had to see a dermatologist.But all her came to her last February, when luck favoured her, and she landed in many big roles.

She still cries about her sultry image as said by the interviewer on a singapore based magazine.

Jaymee's qualities in her eyes is her 'genuine, warm and inviting' smile, and her 'goofiness and ability to laugh at (herself)'.

Her Belief:
'Sure, there's something to be said about being good-looking, but I'd like to think I bring something more that can sustain me in the industry.'

Her dream :

Want to be seen as more than a pretty face.
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